Welcome to Nursing Home Ministries

Welcome to the world of care center ministry. This nation’s many care facilities provide extended care for the physical needs of their residents. As volunteer chaplains, we provide spiritual care not only for those who reside in care centers but also for those who are employed by the facilities.

The goal of Nursing Home Ministries is to glorify God by taking His Word and His love to these facilities.

In the past 56 months, our reporting chaplains held 29,164 services, ministered to 382,438 attendees, and made 266,738 one-on-one visits. God has honored this ministry with 713 first-time decisions for Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives during this time. We praise God for how He is working across this country.


...as soon as we appeared at her door she said to us, “I want to become a Christian!” She had attended our church services at the care center only twice, for she was too ill.  We had the joy of explaining God’s love and plan of salvation and to pray with her.  It was with such solemnity that she received the Lord – truly a holy moment.  She went on to the arms of her Savior within a few days.

- Hood River, OR.

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