The Beginning: Incorporated

Nursing Home Ministries was incorporated in October 1975 by Rev. Paul Sweeney, Rev. Leonard Martin, and Rev.Franklin Dodson.  Paul Sweeney was a pastor in West Linn, Oregon; Leonard Martin was a pastor in Oregon City; and Franklin Dodson was a hospital chaplain at the Oregon Health Sciences Center in Portland.


Chaplain Paul Sweeney, in 1975, became the Director and corporation President. Chaplain Franklin Dodson became the corporation Vice-President, while remaining a chaplain with Hospital Chaplaincy of America, Inc. at O.H.S.C  Chaplain Leonard Martin became Associate Director and corporation Secretary-Treasurer.


In 1981 Leonard Martin became the Executive Director, and Board member Donald DeBoer became corporation President and Board Chairman.


In 1992 Donald DeBoer became a chaplain and the Executive Director, and Leonard Martin became Executive Chaplain.  At that time Chaplain Duane Baker, our Business Manager, became our Associate Director/Business Manager.  Board member and businessman Mr. Kenneth Brown became our corporation President.


Chaplain Martin passed away


In May, Chaplain Grant McAllister became an Associate Director.


Board member Harold Wilson became President in January 2001.


Duane Baker passed away


In February, board member David Martin, son of NHM founder Leonard Martin, became President.  Chaplain John Schneider became an Associate Director in June.


Associate Director John Schneider became Executive Director.  Board member Alan Baumgarden became Associate Director

NHM is a non-profit organization incorporated in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, and Montana.  Currently chaplains are located in Oregon, Washington, California, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida and Hawaii.

Many of these chaplains work as a team with their spouses.  God has given us very special people for this very special ministry among the elderly.  Please pray for us.

40th Anniversary

2015 marks the 40th anniversary of Nursing Home Ministries, Inc. Praise the Lord! We are excited more now than ever about the future and the relevancy of this growing and fruitful ministry.