God graciously guides and provides for us

Dear Friends and Supporters of NHM:

The pandemic of the coronavirus magnifies the anxiety that many of our elderly who are shut up in care centers feel.  We at NHM are committed to offering love and creative services to these dear folks facing, at best, uncertain futures.

Since being a part of NHM, I’ve seen God graciously guide and provide for us in past crises – from 9/11 to the 2008 banking crisis and through numerous economic scares and downturns.

Through it all, God has shown that He deeply cares for these elderly men and women by granting us wisdom to persevere in ministering to them through these challenges.  Generous partners like you have proven to be the tangible evidence of His compassion throughout.  And I have confidence that you will continue to pray and give as you are able during this pandemic.  Your consistent support remains such a crucial part of our ability to shine the light and love of Christ through this ministry.

I know the world won’t be the same after the pandemic.  But I trust in God to guide us and provide for us as we extend His grace and truth to our neighbors.  Thank you for joining with us in offering life and peace to the elderly in our communities.  With your continued help, men and women are finding hope and transformation in God’s saving work!

Yours for those “on the edge of eternity,”

Dr. John Schneider, Executive Director, NHM (Nursing Home Ministries)