“Perfect Peace”

The secret to “perfect peace” lies in this Scripture:   “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”

It’s not your circumstances, but how you think about them that robs you of your peace.  Focusing on your circumstances (i.e., COVID-19) just causes more anxiety, because circumstances constantly change and often spin out of your control.  However, God never changes, and nothing ever spins out of His control.  Peace and worry are mutually exclusive.  Worry throttles your confidence, clouds your perspective, and suffocates your spirit.  It robs you of the peace that comes from knowing the God who can handle anything, and through Whom all things are possible.  The reason we worry so much is because we engage in exactly the opposite behavior to that which brings peace.  Worry is like a “no-confidence” vote in God.  You may not intend it that way, but every time you give in to worry, in essence you’re saying, “I don’t believe God can or will handle this for me.  I’m not sure I can trust Him in this matter, so I’ll just have to carry this burden and take care of the problem myself.”  God is either the object of your trust or just a part-time helper you call on when you can’t handle things on your own.  It’s reminiscent of the elephant and the mouse that walked across a bridge.  When they got to the other side, the mouse said, “Man, we really shook that bridge!”  When you begin to see God as playing the major role and you the minor one, you’ll begin to find the peace which has eluded you for so long.  Stay safe!

Praying that you all will experience the peace of God through Jesus Christ,

John Schneider